Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Blog of Tentacle Labs!

Recently we got inspired by a post on the StackOverflow blog. It highlights how developers benefit from expanding their skill of writing text, not just source code. One point got us hooked in particular:

“if you can’t teach it, then you don’t really know it.”

Eze Sunday

We noticed that writing about a problem often helps us to find a better solution. You restructure and reflect the problem to make it accessible for the particular audience that you seek for help. You include the necessary context, list what you already have thought about, and show the still unconvincing options. You see it from this different angle and have a chance to find a simpler and better solution even without external input. Or as Oliver pointed out: “I haven’t asked a lot of questions on StackOverflow, because most of the time the process of preparing the question in a suitable way already helped me to find an answer”.

We want to use this Blog to write about technical topics. Topics that we encounter during our daily work, our private projects, or new technologies we discover. This can range from solutions to problems, over concepts, to our experience. We probably won’t write long articles or have a regular schedule, but let’s see how this turns out.

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